Zenana Enclosure in Hampi

in India
on: 31 October 2012

The Lotus Mahal is one of the main highlights in the royal Zenana Enclosure in Hampi. The two-storey structure has ornate plaster decorations above the multiple archways leading into a pavilion. The upper floors have balconies with arched windows while the center dome is in the shape of a lotus bud.

Hampi was once the capital of the ancient Vijayanagara empire, which was said to stretch from the Arabian Sea to the Indian Ocean. It was home to a population of half a million and protected by more than a million soldiers. The 26 square kilometers area in Hampi still contain sacred sites and palatial areas of old opened to visitors. The still active 7th century-built Virupaksha Temple is also found here.

This long building was the stable for the king's elephants in Hampi. Eleven domed chambers formed the structure with most of them connected to each other via the side walls. The one in the center was different from the other chambers and was possibly used by musicians and performers during ceremonies involving elephants.

The stables is located inside the Zenana Enclosure, which was believed to be the ladies' quarters. The two-storey Lotus Mahal pavilion is also situated nearby. The pavilion features fine stucco decoration and surrounded by a large lawn. It is believed that the Lotus Mahal was a socializing area for the women folks in the Hampi royal family.

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