The Chinese Nets are the emblematic icons of Kochi, capital of the state of Kerala. They are located at the Fort Kochi area and are fixed installations on the sea shore. Based on the principles of counterweights on a set of cantilevers on opposite ends, balancing on a pivot at a wide V-shape angle, a team of fishermen lower down the suspended net into the waters below for a catch. After a few minutes, they pull down on the ropes fastened to the other end to lift the net up. This is done hundreds of times a day to accumulate the catch.

Various sources have conflicting theory on who had introduced the Chinese Nets to Kochi. Some thought it was the Chinese explorer, Admiral Zheng He. Others thought that traders from the court of Kublai Khan had the honour. Still recent research had argued convincingly that they were brought by Portuguese Casado settlers from Macau.

In any case, the locally known cheena vala have been in Kochi for centuries. It is probably the single most photographed icon of Kochi today.

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