The giant steps and terraces of paddy fields in Jatiluwih across the rolling landscape makes for a jaw-dropping sight. In the island of Bali, paddy is cultivated almost everywhere. What makes Jatiluwih to stand out is the amazing terrain that seem to ripple across a massive area and each ripple is staggered into steps of paddy fields.

Furthermore, the paddy variety planted here is of the fragrant red type that grows to more than one and a half meters tall. Whereas the hybrid paddy planted elsewhere gives 3 yields per year, the red rice takes almost year to produce its yield which is famed for its high content of nutrients.

"The red rice grows in a closed environment. A self sustaining microcosm covering 303 hectares where the cycle of life is allowed to continue without the blundering interference of man ... Frogs, birds, snakes and eels are welcome elements of the red rice ecology and protected under the Jatiluwih people's cultural laws," according to Agus Ketut Nuarta Jaya, head of security and cultural law in Gunung Sari at Jatiluwih.

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