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View from Anjaneya Hill, Hampi

in India
on: 10 November 2012

Anjaneya Hill marks the spot where the locals believe that Hanuman was born. Steps snaking up the hill were filled with pilgrims; some chanting repeatedly as they hiked up the stairs. The view is quite breathtaking, to say the least.

Once at the top, one can take in the 360 degrees view. The arid landscape strewn with giant boulders interspersed with green paddy fields stretched as far as the eyes can see. The other-worldly landscape actually provided the ancient Vijayanagara empire with the rocks needed to build the capital in Hampi. Ancient palatial ruins and temples still dot the UNESCO-listed area.

This holy man in Lakshmi Temple gestured to follow him when we had just entered into the temple compound after a long climb of steps. He took us up into a higher point which was surrounded by stone walls. It looked like a fort from the outside.

Skipping from massive boulder to boulder at the hill top, we finally arrived at this viewpoint. In the distance, we could make out Anjaneya Hill where the Hanuman temple stood. It is believed that the birthplace of Hanuman was at that very spot on Anjaneya Hill.

Both Lakshmi Temple and Anjaneya Hill are located at Anegondi, north of the Tungabhadra River, just across from Hampi.

Hanuman Temple at Anjaneya Hill

in India
on: 24 September 2012

The locals believe in the monkey god, Hanuman and his birthplace to be located at Anjaneya's hill in the center of Anegondi, just across the Tungabhadra River from Hampi. To reach the temple dedicated to Hanuman, one need to climb up the stairs from the foothill to the rocky hilltop for about half an hour.

The view from the top is superb where one can have a 360 degrees view of the plains below. Networks of paddy fields, coconut trees, temples, ruin sites and the arid landscape of uncountable huge boulders strewn all over as far as one can see. The strong breeze adds to the experience on the hilltop. Monkeys can be seen everywhere looking for a quick feed of bananas.

This image shows the small Hanuman temple at the top of Anjaneya Hill.

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