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This mother was taking a break with her child at the hillside Can Cau market. At the bottom of the slope, there was a disorderly crowd looking and examining the also disorderly herd of bulls and oxen. Sellers stood next to their four-legged 'products' to attend to their prospective buyers' enquiries.

The Can Cau market happens every Saturday morning at the slopes of a hillside 20km north of Bac Ha and 9km south of the Chinese border. Many of the eight ethnic groups come here after a gruelling week of farming to trade, chat with friends, relax, eat, drink and meet new people.

A Tribal Woman with her son

in Vietnam
on: 24 October 2012

We'd stopped at the home of this tribal woman and her son while visiting the Can Cau Saturday hillside market. The humble abode had a big unsegmented hall with the bed at one side, covered with a cloth as a veil. The manual sewing machine stood alone next to the wall just behind the woman. The attic served as storage space for the farm produce such as corn cobs and hay. The house floor was raw earth ground. The cooking area was placed at one of the corners.

Many of the tribal farmers in North Vietnam lived frugally. It was common to see the farm animals living next to their house in a separate enclosure. This tribal woman graciously allowed us to take some photographs while we were there.

Hillside Market at Can Cau

in Vietnam
on: 18 October 2012

In the Northwest Vietnam highlands, there are many tribes of people groups with their distinctive traditional wear. Each tribe has an identifiable style which clearly differentiates them from the rest. In this image, the womenfolk here are from the Flower Hmong people. They are distinguished by the cheerful bands of multi-coloured embroidery that adorn their clothing.

This hillside market is located at Can Cau, which is between Lao Cai and the China border. It is a weekly Saturday market where the tribes from nearby areas gather to buy and sell farm products, animals, farming equipment, household items and clothes. It is also a time when they take a break from farming duties, meet friends, eat and drink while the youths take the opportunity to connect with their lovers.

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