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Smoke from incense embers choked the air in this Hoi An temple. Rays of sun light shined through the few transparent tiles of the roof and penetrated the smoke-filled atmosphere. Local devotees came here for their regular ancestral worship and prayed for blessings.

The assembly hall temples in Hoi An were constructed in the 18th and 19th century to serve the needs of their respective communities. Ethnic clans from Fujian, Guangdong, Hainan and Chaozhou made Hoi An their home and established their business here. Till today, the assembly halls are still utilized by the Chinese communities in Hoi An.

In this image, the red coils of incense hung from the roof while the golden head of spears jutted up from the bottom.

Misty Misty at Sapa

in Vietnam
on: 16 September 2012

The Sapa weather was unpredictable and mostly misty; well at least when we were there during February. The sun sometimes peeked out from the clouds but only for a matter of minutes. Then it would be back to the mists again!

The daily mean is 7 degrees Celcius for the month of February, which is the lowest monthly average for the year. I guess that explains the cold mists. Sapa is located in northwest Vietnam, where Vietnam's highest mountain, Fan Si Pan, is found. The summit, at 3143m, is only 19km away from Sapa. The terrain is tough and the peak can only be reached by foot. Despite the seemingly short distance, it would take 3 days for the average trekker. Be warned though that the view from the top is usually obscured by mists!

Hoi An by Thu Bon River

in Vietnam
on: 12 September 2012

The walkways by the Thu Bon River provides a superbly relaxing stroll for one to absorb the timeworn atmosphere of Hoi An. Added to the feeling are the many street stalls selling street food like Cau Lau, Mi Quang and Com Ga. In this image, you can see the black signboards advertising the various street food available for order with the short tables and chairs arranged near the edge of the river bund.

Years before its listing in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1999, Hoi An has been revived with a new role of preserving the ancient atmosphere of the city, the distinctive architecture of the Old Town and the 200-year-old homes of prosperous Chinese traders which have been resided for generations.

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