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Kochi was regarded as the spice capital of India. In the Jew Town area of Mattancherry, warehouses like the Ginger Palace still sell spices to visitors to the area. Pepper, ginger, turmeric and essential oils were traded for many centuries here.

Kochi is also the capital of Kerala. It serves as the gateway to the famous backwaters of Kerala, where multitudes of houseboats ply the waterways criss-crossing the patchwork of paddy fields found here.

The sun was about to set as our houseboat entered into the Vembanad Lake for the final leg of our backwaters excursion for the day. Scores of houseboats were jetting in every direction as if they were hurrying home, wherever that was. The vast Vembanad Lake, the longest in India, was immense; one couldn't see the land on the other end.

It had been a wonderful sojourn; the romance of Kerala houseboats certainly lived up to its acclaim. Gliding ever so peacefully on the Kerala backwaters, one couldn't help but soak up the serenity of the rustic scenery of riverside villages, schools, churches and boatyards. Some of the places are only accessible by the waterways. There are no roads.

To say that a houseboat cruise through the backwaters of Kerala is a serene and peaceful experience is a total understatement. The backwaters are a network of interconnected canals, rivers, lakes and inlets, lying parallel to the Arabian Sea coast of the Kerala state. It cuts through numerous reclaimed paddy fields which lay 1-2 meters below sea level. Standing at the top of a two-tiered houseboat, one can clearly see the dykes that separate the waterways from the sunken and massive paddy fields. The landscape looks surreal and unbelievable.

Swaying coconut trees with the backdrop of the clear blue sky completes the tranquility of it all. The houseboats chugged along slowly in the waterways as one enjoys the breeze. There are river fishermen eager to sell the catch of fresh fish and tiger prawns for dinner. This image was taken as a houseboat was gliding by.

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