"Pleeeeaase... let me go! Release meeeee! I beg yooouuuu!" I could almost hear that pleading in oink language; in what seemed to be the loudest and longest wail of a pig's agony I'd ever endured. My heart went for the pig.

Just down from the main road, the irregular-shaped mild slope landing about the size of a badminton court was the pig section. Puppies also shared the space. All over the red earth landing, owners stood and waited for prospects to come and buy their legged properties.  Some leashed to the owners, some to wooden poles sticking out from the ground. At some spots, there was a filled clump of a gunny sack lying on the dusty red soil, with a hairy pig snout jutting out of a fist-size hole at the bottom of the sack.

This morning as I surveyed the endless New Year messages on my FB wall, one image came to mind. The Museum of Sayings by renown Indonesian author, Andrea Hirata, played vividly in my memory and triggered a series of thoughts.

The year 2013 has been an adventurous one for me. As I look back, it's hard to recall all the experiences that I'd encountered as a solo traveler. Even harder to select the photographs to share my inner feelings. I'd chosen two pictures for each destination and hope to give a glimpse of the places I'd been this year.

I started the year off with visiting Sri Lanka in Jan-Feb. This trip was special as I'd gotten to know two fellow travelers from Malaysia when I scoured the TripAdvisor forums. It so happened that they were departing on the same flight and had similar itinerary with me. We texted each other daily as we exchanged notes on the various places to visit. That made the trip more memorable!

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