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2013 In Reflection - 6 Solo Trips

The year 2013 has been an adventurous one for me. As I look back, it's hard to recall all the experiences that I'd encountered as a solo traveler. Even harder to select the photographs to share my inner feelings. I'd chosen two pictures for each destination and hope to give a glimpse of the places I'd been this year.

I started the year off with visiting Sri Lanka in Jan-Feb. This trip was special as I'd gotten to know two fellow travelers from Malaysia when I scoured the TripAdvisor forums. It so happened that they were departing on the same flight and had similar itinerary with me. We texted each other daily as we exchanged notes on the various places to visit. That made the trip more memorable!

Scaling Sri Lanka's Adam's Peak from East to West

You know what's the worst thing about climbing Adam's Peak for the first time?

The fact that you wouldn't know if you're fit enough to climb fast enough to reach the summit in time to catch the sunrise at the top!

At 2.45am. I was already in front of the Nallatanniya police station at the foothill waiting for the guys who wanted to join me hiking up Adam's Peak.

The minutes ticked. "We're on our way," the SMS came.

Almost 3am.

I began to tap an SMS reply on my phone that we don't want to be late for the sunrise.

Then the 2 guys appeared. They were already at full speed and I had to catch up in the cold. We marched down the cemented path that snake through the still-closed village shops catering to tourists. The light from the lamp posts shone on the path except for certain short stretches. I had my head torch just in case I needed it.

Soon, the cold gave way to body heat. Warm clothing soaked with hot sweat stuck like a leech to my skin as we hurried up the endless steps leading to Sri Lanka's most famous summit with a footprint said to be embedded on a rock. Depending on which faith are you, each story had a different slant. For centuries, pilgrims had climbed up the sides of the mountain to reach the summit where the footprint is claimed to be Adam's.

Hello... I Am Josh

A Travel Writer & Photographer from South East Asia

A little about me

Josh For some, it's shopping therapy. Others, movie therapy. Yet more, reading therapy. For me, it's writing therapy.
Why writing? When I travel, I enjoy first-hand the experience like in shopping therapy. But when I write about my travels, I live vicariously the experience again, as if like a movie sequel (or more like GroundHog Day, except that this is fun!). Yes, writing evokes the memories, the fun and the not-so-fun but all-in-all it gives the satisfaction of reliving the sense of place once more.
With images, it enhances the experience down one's travel memory lane. With this in mind, I hope to share my travel stories in words and images with you. For your escape therapy! More...

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